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Portuguese Chicken & grilled beef with assorted veggies: the best eatables for your muscles

The meals sure sound tempting, don’t they?

Yes they do! And the best part is that they are good for your health with wholesome organic condiments and an assorted vegetable side dish as well. Pure packed proteins and minerals that are good for your muscle.

They are truly better than junk food and given today’s fast paced life: you want a trusted brand providing you wholesome home cooked style Portuguese chicken & grilled beef. Welcome to Muscle Meals Direct!

Now I will explain to you the benefit of Muscle Meal Direct Promo Codes at

I moved to the capital Canberra around 3 years ago after completing my degree in health & physical education and joined the Australian Federal Police Academy as a fitness instructor for the newly inducted cadets. Fitness is compulsory for the cadets and the presence of a gym in the academy helps them remain fit. Furthermore, I work in collaboration with a colleague of mine in the same city running our own gym.

However, the routine is fast and tiring. Waking up early morning allows me to jog in the forests nearby and get a delicious breakfast at the academy but dinners are something we normally have been complacent about. I love hamburgers and in fact we all love hamburgers. We love steaks, sodas, French fries, onion rings and seafood but in this routine a home-made meal is a critical need and a need we have been complacent about.

Soul searching on the internet brought me to muscle meal direct. They surely have a large and diverse menu for sure and each meal is not just wholesome but tailored perfectly for the dietary needs of bodybuilders: whether it’s about losing weight, maintaining a lean moderate frame or getting buff like a typical muscle man.

My mates back home in Adelaide have also benefitted from Muscle Meal Direct upon my recommendation and it’s been more than 5 years since I have been their customer. Thankfully, I am happily married to a loving & caring wife who works in the Department of Health and we both order our lunches from Muscle Meals Direct because we know they’re the best in this matter.

We recommend you to sign up at Muscle Meal Direct and enjoy their wholesome meals as well.

All the best!


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