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I was having a tough week where I was over-timing in my office. That’s when my sister suddenly gave me a call to inform that her boyfriend for five years asked her out for marriage and she said yes. To say, ecstatic was a word insufficient to describe how I felt. But the news she gave me next almost gave me a heart attack. THEY WERE GETTING MARRIED IN A WEEK! As much as I love my sister and her husband to be, this news did not thrill me at all. Why? Because how would I practically shop in like a week? It was a task next to impossible. What was worst was that I was the only one in my house with a good sense of fashion which meant that I had to play designer for my sister as well. An elegant bride’s dress to find in just a week, how would I do it?

These thoughts were running all over in my mind when a colleague of mine mentioned Zalora.


Bringing food to you straight from the oven!

It was a Monday night when I got home from work late, the bones in my body were screaming with pain and my stomach was churning with pangs of hunger. Because of the first day of the week and the blues it brings to your mood, I was not in the mood to cook something at all. I was searching on the net for some quick food delivery service, that’s when I came across MenuLog. What a life saver it proved to be. Within just thirty minutes, I got my order from McDonald’s, that too while it was still hot and tasty! Moreover, their amazing promo codes lit up my tiring night!

MenuLog is an Australian and New Zealand online food and beverage ordering website. It has over 8600 restaurant partners all over Australia, including international franchises like McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Subway etc. They also have a variety of local restaurants offering more than 130 cuisines.

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Let the Salty, Shelly & Stoney Jewelry Makes You Look Trendy from City Beach

When you plan to go to beach and spend the day with friends or family you have the urge to give your best where looks are concerned. The beach is the only place where you dress in the most casual attire, you look the best. City Beach promo codes are the most looked up to discount which people avail on buying the casual attire which makes you look more hot than attending dinner party. The jewelry stocked at store were mind boggling as making choice is difficult as what to choose and what to leave.

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